These terms and conditions apply to all purchase orders submitted to DARK department’s webshop on (in the following referred to as the ”webshop”), thus covering all purchase agreements that a consumer enters into from a distance with DARK department. We encourage you to read these terms and conditions in their entirety before submitting an order.


These terms and conditions may be updated and vary from time to time why we ask you to read the terms and conditions previous to every order you place in the webshop.


A binding purchase agreement is entered into as soon as we have confirmed your order and an order confirmation has been sent from DARK department to the e-mail address you submitted. If an item happens to run out of stock before the status has been correctly updated on the webshop, we will notify you of this by e-mail. We may then suggest an alternative item, or cancel the order in question. If incorrect price information has been shown on the Webshop you will be offered to either purchase the item to the correct price, or cancel the order. DARK department reserves the right to decline or rescind a purchase agreement if fraud or other actions similar to fraud, such as unlawful use of another person’s credit card, can be suspected.



The prices shown in the webshop are the effective prices from time to time. DARK department is not bound by these prices, but may change the prices from one time to another. DARK department is not bound by any incorrect price information that the customer evidently or reasonably should have understood as incorrect, and that may have emerged due to technical faults. The prices constitute the total price (including VAT); however do not include delivery costs or potential payment fees. Outside the European Union, custom fees or other taxes and charges may be added to the purchase price. Deliveries to Norway are not subject to any additional costs apart from the cost for delivery.


Discounted items are available as long as they do not run out of stock. Vouchers or discount codes are only valid once per person and purchase and only within the stated period of time, and may not be combined or transferred to another purchase, nor credited to a new item due to an exchange.



Payment is possible in the currencies set out in the webshop. Payment is currently made in Norwegian Kronor (NOK) for shipments to Norway. Available payment options are most major credit or debit cards or PayPal.

If you pay by credit card, DARK department reserves the right to check the cardholder’s address, the card’s validity, and that your account has the capacity to be charged with the full amount. DARK department reserves the right to decline a purchase.


Please note we are unable to accept gift cards, merchandise cards, cash or cheques as payment in the webshop.